SITE Technologies: Asset Management And Data Analytics Company Closes $10 Million In Funding


SITE Technologies – a leading innovator in asset management and data analytics technology utilizing artificial intelligence and advanced imagery capturing technologies – recently announced that it is excited to announce the successful completion of its Series A funding round, securing $10 million in investment. The funding round was led by Prologis Ventures, the investment arm for Prologis, the global leader in logistics real estate, along with technology investors DivcoWest Ventures and Protagonist.

SITE Technologies was built to revolutionize the real estate industry through advanced data collection and AI analysis. And SITE’s proprietary intelligence platform uses the power of AI and drones, satellites, manned aircraft and other methods to gather precise and real-time property data, significantly improving the efficiency and accuracy of a facility’s condition analysis. This funding round will enable the company to accelerate enhancements of the AI intelligence platform and expand globally.

SITE Technologies has already established itself as a trusted partner for various industries, including commercial, industrial, and retail real estate, construction, and infrastructure management. And the company’s innovative approach enables clients to access critical data remotely, eliminating the need for expensive, time-consuming, and sometimes hazardous “boots on the ground’ inspections. Now Prologis is expanding using SITE in all of its locations across the Americas and expanding into Europe.


“Managing multiple properties can be complex, and our proprietary technology enables our clients to make decisions faster, increasing ROI while optimizing performance and productivity. The way property inspections are completed has been transformed, combining our state-of-the-art data capture technology with powerful data analytics, and AI, providing invaluable insights into property conditions, infrastructure, budgets, and operations.”

– Dan Duffy, CEO of SITE Technologies

“We are really excited about how Site Technologies’ platform can enhance long-term value and performance for real estate properties. It’s truly a game-changer in the industry. Its ability to leverage AI and other capture technologies to quickly and accurately analyze critical property characteristics allows property owners to identify potential issues as well as optimize bid management processes more efficiently.”

– Will O’Donnell, Managing Director, Prologis Ventures

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