DivcoWest’s Renovation of Westlake Union Center in Seattle Designed to Bring Workers Back to Office


As more and more companies transition away from remote work into bringing employees back to the workplace, whether full-time or in a hybrid model, office buildings are trending toward designs that give something back to the workforce. DivcoWest’s recent renovation of its Westlake Union Center, a nine-story office complex at the heart of South Lake Union in Seattle, is one example of the kind of modern design that could become more prevalent in the future.

“The office has to be more special than their house, essentially,” said Michael Pelletier, managing director at DivcoWest. “We’ve always tried to find innovative ways to make the building special and in this case the atrium was right there waiting for us to do that. It has to have all the things that your living room has but on a huge scale that’s way more convenient for the whole company to use.”

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