DivcoWest Spec Suites and Amenity Space – Washington DC


Located in Downtown DC, 1133 15th Street redefines the spec suite environment for the modern commercial market. Having recently purchased the building, Divco West sought to attract new tenants to lease vacant space on the seventh floor. They engaged Hickok Cole to develop an elevated yet neutral design concept for four spec suite offices in addition to providing design and FF&E services for a 2,500-SF shared amenity space. The result offers tenants looking to downsize with a high-quality, flexible office with access to the amenities expected from the modern workforce.

Tenants customize their space from a curated collection of sophisticated finishes that serve as backdrops for their unique brand while maintaining continuity with the other units to make expanding within the building, seamless. The luxury amenity center features a spacious lounge and pantry which connect to several, more intimate meeting spaces and private phone booths. A large conference room equipped with state-of-the-art technology is available to reserve for client presentations or video conferencing. A modern tropical design concept is articulated through palm leaf wallcoverings and natural finishes while contrasting angular forms take shape in the pantry backsplash, statement chandelier, and island sunburst accent. Lush furniture and polished materials combine with art deco accents, funky wallpaper, and delightful accents like travel-inspired coffee table books for a boutique-hotel atmosphere suited for comfort and productivity. The intimate amenity center offers tenants a third-place environment away from their desks to brainstorm ideas, have a personal conversation, or enjoy happy hour among colleagues. Bursts of color lend a creative personality to the central, shared space that anchor all tenants within the 1133 15th Street community. READ MORE.