The DivcoWest Advantage

The DivcoWest advantage consists of an exceptional investment record, deep local relationships, unique access to transactions and an experienced team of professionals who have established profitable working relationships with each other over their extensive careers. The future outlook is positive for DivcoWest, with a combination of excellent market opportunities, strategic management, and an increasingly strong market presence.

History of Success

  • Strong investment performance since 1993
  • Experienced management team with a 20-year history of working together and a particular ability to structure creative and complex transactions
  • Trusted by top-tier technology firms, tenants and local market business leaders
  • Local relationships provide unique sourcing advantage to capitalize on off-market transactions
  • Reputation for working creatively and fairly with holders of real estate equity and debt

Investment Philosophy

  • Underwriting to mitigate risk and capitalize on potential upside
  • Ability to capitalize on local market knowledge
  • Exceptional debt expertise
  • Aggressive and creative value add strategies
  • Strategic partnering

Sourcing and Underwriting

  • Leverage longstanding relationships in markets in which DivcoWest invests
  • Combine opportunistic acquisition philosophies with entrepreneurial value enhancement programs
  • Conduct comprehensive local market research
  • Complete conservative underwritings, with a focus on downside protection and sensitivity analyses
  • Determine the appropriate asset-specific capital structure
  • Develop innovative, yet practical business plans
  • Perform rigorous due diligence by both the Acquisition and Asset Management teams


  • Precise hand-off from transaction team to management team
  • Exhaustive risk management
  • Focused leasing effort and tenant retention
  • Aggressive hands-on leasing and management practices
  • Continuous financial analysis
  • Strict exit discipline, capitalizing on both fundamental real estate and capital market opportunities

Institutional Processes and Controls

  • Rigorously developed strategies
  • Best Practices across all business functions
  • State of the art technology infrastructure and analytics; customized software suites
  • Comprehensive and practically applied market research
  • Back office functions provided to third parties